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The Dutch & the water

pompenofverzuipen campagnebeeldExplore the rich history of the area which today is referred to as Flevoland in Nieuw Land. Come to the museum to learn all about the Zuider Zee project: the largest reclamation project ever, and see for yourself that Flevoland is one of the largest dry ship cemeteries in the world. The Zuider Zee project is a well-known example of the highly-skilled and innovative manner in which the Dutch deal with water control.

In the new Sink or Swim exhibition, Nieuw Land highlights the important national story of the Dutch nation and water through the centuries, from prehistoric times until today. About the construction of the first farm on an artificial dwelling hill to the construction of dykes and reclamation of lakes, and the protection against and finding solutions for flooding.
Sink or swim deals with the past, as well as the (future) measures the Dutch nation takes against the rising sea level at its front door, in addition to the increasing supply of water through the large rivers at its back door.

In the exhibition

+ Special museum objects.
+ Short animations.
+ Active components: how far do I live below sea level?


Over half of the Netherlands is below sea level. If combined, the dams and dykes in the Netherlands cover half the globe!


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